Grants awarded to support the work of Croatian breeding societies

On Thursday, Minister Marija Vučković signed seventeen agreements for the co-financing of the work  of breeding societies, in the total value of nearly 1.7 million kuna, which is a million more than in 2018. The Ministry of Agriculture issued a public call for the purpose of improving the effective realization of breeding objectives.

The activities which will be co-financed are the implementation of productivity assessment procedures and testing for the purpose of assessing the breeding value of livestock breeds and their propagation and preservation. The public call is expected to result in the improvement of breeding programs and in a more efficient implementation of all the methods and procedures defined in them, for the purpose of improving the genetic features of the livestock population essential for the production of meat, milk, eggs, honey and other livestock-farming products.

“We have a rich genetic heritage in the form of a large number of breeds, whose numbers are stable and growing, thanks to the applied agricultural policy measures and the organized implementation of breeding programs. We are aware of the role and merits of breeding societies in the protection of our breeds, and this is one of the ways in which we encourage the continuation of their successful work.”, Minister Vučković concluded at the contract award ceremony.

The grant beneficiaries are livestock breeding societies recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the grants are awarded to breeding societies which fulfill the prescribed requirements. Following Croatia’s accession to full EU membership and its adoption of the EU acquis communautaire, breeding societies assumed greater responsibilities for the implementation of breeding programs. In the preparatory period for EU accession, adjustments started being made of the existing breeding societies, but also the establishment of new ones, which became implementing authorities for breeding programs in Croatia.

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