Croatia’s agriculture is characterized by an abundance of resources and potential for agricultural production and processing, and the successful cultivation of a large number of crops is the result of diverse natural conditions in a geographically small area, as well as of various cultural influences to which it was exposed throughout history.

Croatia is exporting agricultural and food products in 144 countries, of which the first 15 export destinations account for the 85 per cent of the total export of those products. Products from 135 countries are present on the Croatian market, and in this case the first 15 countries account for 87 per cent of the total import of agricultural and food products.

On Thursday, Minister Marija Vučković signed seventeen agreements for the co-financing of the work of breeding societies, in the total value of nearly 1.7 million kuna, which is a million more than in 2018. The Ministry of Agriculture issued a public call for the purpose of improving the effective realization of breeding objectives.

Minister of Agriculture Marija Vučković awarded 124 new contracts to beneficiaries under the Call for Proposals for Project Financing in 2019 as part of the Program of Financing Local Infrastructure Projects, Rural Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts in Areas Populated by National Minorities.

A new call for proposals for the implementation of operation type 4.1.3. “Exploitation of renewable energy sources” from the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 has been announced. The goal is to increase the independence of farms with regard to energy sources, and competitiveness by cutting production costs.