Sensational success of Podravka’s pašticada and Lino Lada cake at the Green Week fair in Berlin

The delicious pašticada and Lino Lada cake proved to be a smash hit amongst the visitors, including the dignitaries.

The German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klöckner, accompanied by ambassadors of EU member states, also visited the Croatian pavilion at the Green Week 2020 fair in Berlin. Their hosts were Goran Bakota, the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to the Federal Republic of Germany, Tugomir Majdak, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia and Luka Burilović, the President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The Minister and the ambassadors were also welcomed by Podravka in the Croatian national restaurant, where visitors to the fair daily enjoy the specialties of Croatian cuisine prepared by Podravka’s culinary promoters.

The menu of Podravka’s restaurant features a rich selection of traditional Croatian meat and fish dishes, as well as desserts. The delicious pašticada and the Lino Lada cake proved to be a smash hit amongst the visitors, including the dignitaries. Apart from high-quality meat, the pašticada’s unforgettable taste comes from a special sauce, enriched, in Podravka’s version, with the unique Vegeta and other Podravka spices. Those who enjoy chocolate desserts are thrilled to try the cake with a rich chocolate filling, whose secret ingredient is the famous Lino Lada. It is no wonder, then, that hundreds of Lino Lada cakes were sold already in the first few days of the Berlin fair.

The promotion of traditional Croatian gastronomical specialties is an important part of Podravka’s presentation at what is one of the most significant agricultural and food fairs in the world. This presentation will greatly contribute to the improvement of Croatia’s recognizability as a tourist and gastronomical destination.