The online hub for reporting and browsing abandoned and missing animals

The State Veterinary and Food Safety Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture has created the Common Information Center (JIC), a database with data on all abandoned and missing animals located in animal shelters in the area Republic of Croatia.

The JIC can be accessed at the URL: and provides an overview of the legally required data on abandoned and missing animals. The publication of this data in one central location enables easier and quicker animal adoption, as well as the faster recovery of missing animals, since all animals reported missing are entered in this common database. As part of the upgrading of the existing IT system of the State Veterinary and Food Safety Directorate, the Pet Register was equipped with a new JIC module, which will enable the searching and entry of found and missing pets. A separate list is also kept of all missing animals, and data on them are entered by veterinary organizations or private clinic authorized for keeping the Register.

All animal shelters have submitted information about the persons who will enter data in the JIC. These persons have received instructions for working in the mentioned module, and on 15 November 2019, an additional education session was held in the State Veterinary and Food Safety Directorate. Data has been entered into the JIC data since the beginning of November this year.

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